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 Sleep Solution Created For You

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my sleep story
I can still remember how hard it was not being able to sleep properly. 

I still feel guilty when I think about those times. 

  • Feeing drowned 

  • Constantly on an emotional rollercoaster 

  • Experiencing dropping productivity

And not even noticing (or better said acknowledging) all of it! 

Somehow I wasn’t able to sleep well anymore and constant fatigue had secretly creeped into my life.

So far the major milestones in my life were driven by goals I felt attracted to. 

Coaching business professionals. Falling in love. Becoming married and having kids. 

But now I had to change to handle a major problem that was impacting my entire life. Insomnia (I still don’t like this word).

How did this ME?

Like many of you it stated with high demands.

Trying to get 2-days worth of stuff done in one.

Being a high performer.

Hitting milestones before the due date.

Then I had a slipped disk…

That was painful! 

…And with the pain my sleep got its final hit!

2-3 hours of sleep was the maximum I was getting.

I was feeling like a zombie (maybe they should call it Inzombia instead…)

Being an experienced business coach in these times only helped me partly. 

I was very clear that and how I needed to change. 

But this didn’t protect me from the overwhelm that came with the tons of (random) sleep tips. 

There was simply no sleep solution available. 

At first I couldn’t believe it! 

Millions and millions of people are suffering from this, right? 

But it was true.

I had to make a decision. 

The decision to solve this problem. 

I was prepared to walk the hard route of trial and error if necessary (and it was). 

After months of work (and frustration) I found my way back to resting sleep. 

And more important - since I truly enjoy my life, my work and my family time again. 

During this recovery process I gave a promise to myself. 

Should I ever recover from my sleeping problems I would distill all things that helped me into a clear and easy to follow blueprint.  

Something that would simply work for anybody. 

Simple, effective and easy to follow

The exact tool I wish somebody would have handed to me. 

And then I would make this Sleep Solution available to as many people as possible.  

Fast forward…

I found my way back to sleep AND I am still in the midst of delivering on the promise I gave to myself in those times! 

Over the past decade I developed a bullet proof map that defines these precise steps. 

Giving clarity to people that are craving to return to high quality sleep. 

I named it the SleepMap (I must of had a creativity boost on that day…). 

With this simple 9-step map anybody can figure out where exactly to focus to return to high quality sleep.

And now it is there for you to use!
The Perfect Solution For Your Sleep
Ready To Use Blueprint For Resting Sleep
What you will get:
  • sleep results
  • proven system
  • additional walk through
  • 9 clear steps
  • science based
You have probably tried quite a few sleep tips or tools since your sleep got a hit. These tips nearly always come as an atomic piece of information. As if your personal situation wouldn’t matter for them to work. As you probably know by now - this is mostly not true! 

Everything has to be viewed in context. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have this context available at all times? To always know what you truly need keep in mind to improve your sleep? This is exactly what the Sleepmap does for you. It gives you a clear blueprint. Easy to follow steps. Bringing everything into the right order and aligning things to your personal situation. Suddenly you are all set up for taking effective action

Sleep is only 9 clear steps away from you!
1:1 consultation CALL
You Path To Superb Sleep Is Just One Call Away
**new: $197.00 bonus**
  • walk through your personal situation
  • figure out the #1 thing you should focus on right now
  • lay the foundation for great sleep in the next 21 days
  • avoid wasting time and energy doing the ‘wrong’ things
Sometimes it just takes a little help to get started. 

Talking to somebody that truly understands where you are at present. Someone that has the skills to transform confusion or even frustration into clarityMapping sleep expertise to your personal situation. 

This is exactly what this consultation call will do for you. 

This call alone sells for $197 - and I’m sure the value it gives back to you is at least 10x the price. The reason I decided to add this into the bundle (!only in this funding member offer!) is simple. I know that this consultation call is THE key to transform a load of powerful tools to a full blown Sleep Solution. And this is what I am handing over to you today. 
A Sleep Solution. Simple as that!  
In the consultation call we will :
The best time to book your consultation call is probably right away! 
This Sleep-Masterclass is something like the “kick off session” for your personal Sleep Solution. There are a couple of very basic things that most people get wrong. Moving without a specific plan is one. 

So during this masterclass we start to get very specific about our sleep (at present and in future). I also share a couple of very basic ideas with you that build the foundation for real sleep success.  

Best get comfortable in a space where you will not be disturbed for about 40 minutes. Then relax, listen and let your thoughts align around the content shared in the masterclass.

You might want to watch this more than once to get the most out of it! 
What you will get:
  • Clear actionable steps 
  • Personal sleep positioning 
  • Secret success methods 
  • Precise sleep goal 
  • Proven process to follow 
  • Natural sleep improvements
This Is Your Masterclass If You: 
  • Don't get enough sleep
  • Can't fall asleep
  • Run on low energy levels
  • Suffer waking up frequently
  • Experience fatigue at daytime
  • Want to experience good sleep
  • & high energy levels again
sleep masterclass replay
40 Minutes To Get You Started On The Right Foot
[Bonus] Understanding Your Sleep
Discover the Keys To Success For High Energy Levels
What you will get:
  • know your energy zone
  • find your keys to success
  • boost your energy
  • work with measurable results
Most of us love taking immediate action. It simply gives us the feeling we are doing something. Even if things don’t work out for us, we can say that we did our best

But what do high achievers do? 

The want to understand the bigger picture first! The reason? Simple! Depending on the context our focus needs to change in order to move things effectively

The Energy Pyramid gives us this big picture. 

It looks at our sleep and energy world from orbit rather than standing in the midst of a field of corn. It brings things into perspective for us. 

Using it will direct all of your sleep efforts into effective actions that will improve your sleep. This is a must have. The best thing - applying it will only take you minutes. 

THE perfect SLEEP finder
Start Feeling Great Again Using This Simple Framework
What you will get:
  • 7 proven blocks
  • define clear sleep goals
  • recognize obstacles
  • works best with sleepmap
  • additional walk-through
Knowing yourself is crucial when it comes to predictable sleep change. This is what big companies do all the time. They assess their business and identify problems and opportunities. 

Did you ever do this with your sleep? 

The Perfect Sleep Finder is a simple framework that will let you do exactly this. You will find document your current sleep pattern, your biggest obstacles and define the #1 thing you should be working on right now to improve your sleep.

This is groundwork. The results of doing this is a dramatic speed-up in the process back to resting sleep.

The best thing. These are exactly the things we will walk through in the 1:1 consultation call. And yes, the call is part of this Sleep Solution bundle. 

So best print this sheet right away and book your call when you feel ready.   
[Bonus] Best Tools To Get You Started!
sleep meditation
Meditation That Will Help You Sleep In 15 Minutes... 
What you will get:
  • quick sleep
  • immediate stress reduction
  • best practice walk through
  • raised energy levels
  • emotional balance
Meditations are an effective way to prepare for high quality sleep. 

They do so by letting your mind wind down from stress, business tasks or emotions like guiltworries and anger. Yet becoming a pro in meditation can take years.

This guided meditation (downloadable audio file) uses powerful techniques to let you wind down in as less as 15 minutes even if you never did a meditation before

Getting all set up for a good night of sleep has never been more enjoyable. 
Fix your sleep schedule In 7 Days
What you will get:
  • Increase your productivity & well being
  • Find back into your natural
  • day & night rhythm
  • Get the energy to achieve your goals
A broken sleep schedule can highly impact our sleep quality and overall energy levels. 

This ebook lays out a simple and natural approach to fix your sleep schedule. Following it will let you experience great sleep through getting your body aligned with the circadian rhythm (daytime / nighttime cycle) again. 

Experience results in a matter of days instead of running in circles following random sleep tips. 
sleep improvement group
Support is the second step on the SleepMap. 

 This new group was created to give you this support. It doesn’t matter if you want share your experience, ask a question or simply want to get inspired through our great community.

This is also one of the places where you can expect me to be active. Meet you inside!
**lifetime access**
Your Lifetime Sleep Support
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Personal Sleep Coaching Programs
Dear Friend,

Over the next 5 years, we are committed to helping over 100.000 people to find back to natural high quality sleep.

In order to extend our website and social media channels and make it the truly best sleep improvement platform on the planet, we are offering you this incredible collection of our very best stuff at a price that anyone truly committed to sleep can afford. This is a true win/win, as we can grow our platform without the need of funding - and you get what I am confident you’ll agree is the best ‘sleep offer’ in history.

But I’ll let you be the judge. Let’s do this!

-- Michael   
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Sleep Masterclass [Nov 20].........($49.00 value) 
Energy Pyramid...........................($19.00 value)
Perfect Sleep Finder....................($49.00 value)
Pre-Sleep Meditation...................($29.00 value) 
Win your Day and Night e-Book..($29.00 value)
Lifetime Membership FB Group...($297.00 value)

Total Value: $718
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DISCLAIMER: The services that we offer are all designed to give you the best information available to help you build or gain your sleeptrust. We are in the coaching business and not therapists or doctors. So if you feel to be in any condition that requires medical treatment or therapy this information has to be seen as additional and not exclusive to the treatment that you may need. If you are under treatment you should also talk with your doctor or therapist before adapting things that we recommend at Sleeptrust.

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