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Reclaim your Life without Sleeping Pills.
Exprerience the...
… and set yourself up for natural sleep in a matter of 3 hours!
Welcome to Your gateway for better sleep! 🌙✨
Endless tossing and turning and the fear and experience of feeling exhausted the entire next day. The torture is real and the path to natural sleep can be frustrating and confusing. The Sleep Recovery Workshop gives you all the guidance you need to create a personalized sleep recovery plan that will lead you to natural and energizing sleep again. 
Without a strong commitment to overcome insomnia from your side things will stay hard. On the flip side…doing the right things will make it easy for you to stay motivated and committed to improve your sleep quality. 
Acting on Clarity is the only way to achieve consistent good nights of sleep. Let’s put everything together to  grow your confidence that you can sleep.
One major problem in overcoming Insomnia is a lack of clarity. Not every sleep tip is suitable for every person. Find out what you need to do and see what happens to your sleep!
What you will get!
Not sleeping well is pure torture! As you - reading these lines - know, it’s simply not enough to implement a sleep tip or get one good advice from an expert. The Sleep Recovery Workshop includes everything you need in making a dedicated step towards natural and energizing sleep again. Overcome Insomnia by letting Michael guide you through all 9 steps of the Sleepmap to do so. You will leave this workshop knowing exactly what you need to do to experience natural sleep again. We’ve even added a personal 15 minute sleep clarity call with our SleepCoach Michael.
Get access to Sleep Tools that Make the Difference! 
What is included?
  1. Get access to the full sleep recovery training (3 hours video)
  2. Download and use three powerful tools (Sleeptrust Sleepmap, Sleep Recovery Framework, Sleep Scorecard)
  3. Take advantage of a personal 15 minute Sleep Clarity Call with your SleepCoach Michael
About your SleepCoach
Overcoming Insomnia in his own life, Michael dedicated his profession towards building an accessible system for anybody to do the same. Over the past decade he condensed the things that work from those that don’t and modeled them into a system (Sleeptrust Sleepmap) that anybody can use to do the same.
Michael is a SleepCoach and offers personal support and guidance to people that are ready to leave insomnia behind. 
Michael Hildebrandt
Certified in NLP, Heroic and CBT
9-Simple Steps
The Sleep Recovery Workshop builds on a unique and proven system. The biggest reason why it is so hard to return to good sleep is a lack of clarity. What should I specifically do? How is this actually going to work for me and so on… 
The Sleep Recovery Workshop builds on the Sleeptrust Sleepmap. This system provides a simple step-by-step process addressing the typical problems in overcoming insomnia. 

During the Sleep Recovery Workshop Michael will guide you through all of the steps of the Sleeptrust Sleepmap and you will create your personalized sleep recovery plan. This includes things like setting a specific sleep goal, measuring your results and of course letting you know what “sleep improvers” you should focus on right now!

In only 3 hours you will have 100% clarity around what you should be dong.

Went through the sleep recovery workshop and still have a question? 

Now is the right time to take advantage of the 15 minute sleep clarity call that you purchased with this workshop. Let me clear out things for you. 
Use a proven, clear and systematic step by step approach
Get Access to sleep recovery tools (sleep recovery framework, sleep scorecard)
Take advantage of personal support - book a personal 15 minute sleep clarity call (zoom)
How will this work?
With your purchase you get access to the Sleep Recovery Workshop group on facebook. In this group you will find the workshop videos and tools and the information on how to book your 15 minute sleep clarity call with me.
How will this help me to sleep better?
This is a structured and proven system that takes into consideration the individual differences when it comes to sleep. You will set a realistic and personal sleep goal, find out what you specifically need to change and measure your results.
Will I be able to sleep without sleeping meds after this workshop?
Always share plans to wind down from sleeping meds with your doctor. You will leave the workshop with your personal sleep recovery plan that you can use to share with your doctor!
What is the difference to other sleep programs?
This is a proven and systematic approach that leaves you with a clear and coherent plan instead of only reaching one piece of the puzzle over to you (e.g. a sleep tip)
Is this CBT-I (Cognitive Based Training for Insomnia)?
This program includes elements of CBT (Cognitive Based Training) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Unlike the need to have an experienced coach to guide you through exercises - this system will guide you through a clear process to let you create and perform your individual sleep improvement plan!

How long will it take me to sleep better?
There is no general answer to this (important) question. In 3 hours you will have built your personalized sleep recovery plan. From there you should notice improvements in your sleep in 3 - 30 days!

What if I have a question?
With the Sleep Recovery Workshop you also have the opportunity to book a personal 15 minute sleep clarity call with me. Bring your question to the call and I will be happy to clear things out with you.

Is personal support included?
Yes, the Sleep Recovery Workshop includes a personal 15 minute sleep clarity call (zoom) with your sleep coach (Michael Hildebrandt). 

How can I claim my money back guarantee?
Simply send an email to and let us know which email you used for the purchase. In the first 7 days after purchase you will get your money refunded - no questions asked!

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