• Let go of overwhelm and limiting beliefs 
  • Experience maximum performance daily with joy
  • Unlock your full potential for Limitless Success! 

Use these 9 clear steps and implement evidence based performance methods into your life
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This is the most powerful One Page Framework & Training I ever created to boost your Performance in WORK, LIFE & SLEEP instantly.

Apply this to your life and unleash your true performance.
Ever experienced that you left an online training / coaching without a tangible result? The reason is that most offers lack when it comes to individual implementation. This is where I have a strong focus on. That is why you get a One Page Framework to work through every step of the program. Leaving you with clarity and actionable work. Giving you the tools to track that you are right on track. Ensuring that you stay motivated while continuously thriving towards higher Performance in your work, life and sleep! 
Persistence is the key to performance. Get everything set up to stay accountable.
Fed-Up of feeling overwhelmed? Not being sure what the right next step could possibly be? Imagine you could use and evidence based map to guide you. Leaving you with only one step to focus on at a time. Guiding you from where you are right now straight towards high performance. Can you imagine just how great this feels? That is why we work with the evidence based Performance Through Sleep (PTS) map. Putting all the steps you need into a coherent and easy to follow order for you. The framework, training, coaching and everything else we do together is based on this map!
No performance without a specific goal. We’ll build clarity around it!
Joyful performance means having a high level of motivation. Establish your purpose driven motivation! 
High energy levels and good decision making are essential. Build superb sleep and ensure this. 
True performance goes along with a great well-being. Design power rituals and build empowering relationships.  
Stop being busy and start becoming productive! Learn how to transform your work forever. 
Turn good performance into lasting success through professional milestone planning.   
Speed up personal adaptation time. Become a master of implementing power habits! 
Build your personal system for lifelong improvement.
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This is nothing less than pure and effective guidance. Every step of your 9 step journey has an effective training session. The result? Clear guidance on how to unleash your full performance with things relevant for your personal Improvement! This is also where the magic happens. Putting knowledge to work creates personal wisdom. Acting on your Framework will ensure that you stay right on track and will feel a daily improvement in your Performance (work, life and sleep). This training ties everything together for you!
Why you need this?
Because you want to flourish. Everything healthy in nature grows. And natural growth supports your physical and mental health. A big misconception is that simply working harder and harder will get one there. This has nothing to do with growth - it’s rather the opposite. The result is burnout, feeling unmotivated, fatigued and even worse. Following the 9-steps that I layed out for you and applying the framework to your life you set you up for true growth. Sleep well, feel great and get more done than ever before. That’s performing like you! 
*** limited time offer ***
Here comes your performance guarantee (literally)!!!

Included in this offer (limited time only!)… A personal 30-minutes coaching session (via zoom) with me. The only thing I request is that you went through the training before we talk - hope that sounds fair. 

Why I offer these calls in this package? 

I know how hard it can be to evaluate your own situation without moderation. I also know how helpful it is to have somebody experienced to walk you through the process or perform a coaching with you to unlock your true performance potential!

If you are serious about improving your performance - this alone should be a good reason to take action now!

This is limited to one call per person. So please don’t try to purchase this offer 10x to get 10 calls :) 

What’s inside?
Creating clarity around setting and achieving goals that truly support your performance.

Three stages of development for your performance. 
Implement the things that will let you flourish in your work better, live happier and wake-up full of energy.

Build a personal system that lets you thrive on autopilot.
This is your performance!

*** limited time offer ***
A typical result is to see a 3x in your performance in only 90 days.

Imagine what this will do for your business growth, your income, your confidence!

We’re sharing it all with you. The map, the framework and the training. 

You’ll even get a FREE 1:1 coaching session once you have completed the training
Join countless business professionals like you who have already unlocked their performance today!

Get ready
for better energy
Learn the secrets from top business
leaders and our work wellness experts:
  • Health hacks to start and end your day with more energy
  • Sleep secrets to stay fresh and focused
  • Time management tips and tools to avoid burnout
More Benefits
Complete the training and get a personal 1:1 coaching session with me for free!
*** limited time offer ***
After your purchase you will get access to everything you need to instantly boost your performance in your work, life and sleep. 

Dedicated training sessions will guide you through on how to create your individual high performance plan - step by step. 

You are going to get access to the one page performance booster framework. This is the place where you build your personal performance plan. Even better… You will use it to track your key performance indicators and to stay motivated & accountable.

This system literally guarantees a raise in your performance! 

But, what if it doesn’t work for you? 

I’m so convinced that I even give you a full 30 day money back guarantee! (no questions asked - absolutely no risk on your side!)

You can walk through the system in your speed. It’s designed as a one day challenge. So, if you do this in one session you will be all set up in 3 hours. If you decide to take one step a day you’ll only need about 20 minutes a day.

It’s completely up to you.

Ready to get started?
How this works?
*** limited time offer ***
About Me
Are you committed to clarify and reach your goals? Doing so while feeling energetic and happy?

Well, I’m the guy that knows how to get you there!

Even more - It’s my biggest motivator in life to do exactly this. Helping you to get there!

As a kid I was lazy and underperforming at school. In class 7 I even had to change schools due to a straight F in latin (and the list didn’t really end there).

When I started working I was fortunate and had real pro’s around me. Supporting and teaching me the things I was never taught. Setting me on track to high performance & personal fulfillment.

Teaching me the value of investing into myself.

Then - over a decade ago, I started to go deep when it comes to human behavior. I looked intensely into personal development (mine at that time). Eventually I decided to become a certified practitioner and master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This is a powerful set of tools that work with our unconscious mind. The result. Fast and joyful change. Generating clarity and lasting motivation.

At some point I noticed that it was always helping others to experience growth that spiked my personal fulfillment.

That’s the short version. 

If you have any additional questions I’m happy to answer them all in the personal call that goes along with this package.
But don’t just take our word for it
I really love having workshop time built into the session, forcing me to work on my habits.
Mary A., HR manager
You connect with people on an emotional and intelligent level. Its your genuineness and dedication to help others that will take you a long way
David Davies,, CEO
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