To jumpstart your journey to better sleep I’ve added this complimentary 15-minute Sleep Recovery Set-Up Call. This one-on-one session is designed to ensure you have everything you need to succeed with your chosen coaching package.

During this brief, but valuable conversation, we'll:
  • Get to know each other, as it's crucial to establish a connection of trust for a successful coaching relationship
  • Set clear expectations for your sleep recovery journey, ensuring that you understand what's involved and what to anticipate along the way
  • Discuss the best way to access and utilize the resources within your coaching package, so that you get the most out of your investment
  • Address any initial concerns or questions you may have, ensuring you feel confident and ready to begin your path to better sleep
  • Set up an accountability system that will help you to consistently do the right things and experience what is working for you

Don't miss out on this opportunity to kick off your sleep recovery journey on the right foot.

Schedule your 60-minute Sleep Recovery Call now and let's work together to help you experience the restful nights you deserve!

How Does It Work?
The 60-Minute Sleep Recovery Call
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Book Your 1:1 Sleep Recovery Call

Congrats to taking action in prioritizing your sleep by booking  your sleep coaching call.
                      As the CEO and founder of a fitness brand I know how important sleep is for every function of our bodies. When I was faced with sleep problems I knew it was critical for me to take action.

Michael was the only sleep coach I reached out to, that was able to deliver a concrete 360° roadmap for the coaching and had a focus on measuring progress.

My sleep is excellent now and I am more full of energy that ever before. Deeply thankful!"

Fiona Egan
CEO Sásta Fitness
                      I honestly wish I would have reached out to Michael earlier. After trying to lift my energy levels by pushing myself harder to do more sports and implementing more or less useless tips for better sleep - I was feeling down. 

Michael coached me - walking me through a clear and direct path back to those high energy levels I used to have in a matter of weeks. 

Now I love doing sports and running
my company again." "

David Wolf-Rooney
CEO ethicaps GmbH 
Results From Our Awesome Clients Just Like You Who Started
Their Journey With One Simple Call 
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